Barbazul white

Barbazul Rosé


Taberner Nº1


A dream built upon steadfast will, perseverance and enthusiasm

Our dream to make great Andalusian red wine first started with the will to carry out our project and prove it could be done, followed by the unshakeable desire to make it happen. What guides us on our path is not only about reaching our final goal but also about all the vibrant experiences along the way. That’s how Huerta de Albalá wines came to be.

Wines that embody the dreams and passion of those of us who live and breathe to make one of the best red wines Spain has to offer.

Welcome to Huerta de Albalá, welcome to the heart and soul of Cádiz.

Vicente Taberner Carsi
President and founder of Huerta de Albalá



The land where the dream was born

Huerta de Albalá is located in Arcos de la Frontera, at 150 metres above sea level. A beautiful estate that rambles over 91 hectares of rolling hills, steeped in history that dates back to over 2,000 years ago, when the Romans had the vision and foresight to settle in this splendid and fertile land.

Our 75 hectares of vineyards have 225,000 vines comprised of Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tintilla de Rota—this last, the native variety.  All of them grow in a unique microclimate created by the nearby Bornos reservoir and the Grazalema mountain range, and in a variety of soil types.

In addition to these vineyards directly adjoining our winery, Huerta de Albalá has another 160 hectares in the Balbaína winegrowing district in Jerez de la Frontera, where Chardonnay grapes predominate.

Our 275,000 vines



17%Chardonnay Pago Balbaina



7%Cabernet Sauvignon


7%Tintilla de Rota


A place called home

Our winery covers an expanse of 4,600 sq. metres and is a model of how architecture can blend in harmoniously with the landscape. Perfectly integrated in its surroundings, our "French chateau" style facility combines the modern with the traditional, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology and means of production with age-old, purely artisanal winemaking techniques.

The gravitationally fed winery is comprised of two different areas: the first. devoted to producing our Barbazul wine in stainless steel tanks while the second is where Taberner and Taberner Nº1 are made, in 5,000-litre French Allier oak tapered wine vats.

Beneath the winery, our wine cellar keeps 1,200 Allier oak barriques, made by only the best French wine barrel cooperages, chosen after years of research on how wine reacts to oak from various different geographic origins.

Huerta de Albalá


¡Enhorabuena a @amparocalatayudmurillo, la ganadora de nuestro quiz Huerta de Albalá! Muchas gracias a todos por vuestra participación, os esperamos en la próxima ronda de nuestro quiz.
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En las bodegas de Huertas de Albalá encontramos tradición y modernidad trabajando en armonía. En nuestra bodega de estilo “château francés” las últimas tecnologías de producción se unen a técnicas artesanales de vinificación al servicio de la elaboración de grandes vinos

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El tiempo de crecimiento y floración de las vides es un fenómeno que nos encanta observar porque nos recuerda que es momento de cambios. Las personas somos como los vinos, la bondad de un vino empieza mucho antes de “ser”… en la vid. Y de dónde venimos nos indica a dónde vamos. ... See MoreSee Less

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En esta época los viñedos están en un estado de crecimiento. Con la llegada de la primavera la savia empieza a llegar a todas las partes de la planta y empiezan a brotar los pámpanos sobre los sarmientos. Es lo que se conoce como foliación. A medida que avanzan los días llega la floración de la vid, momento en el que aparecen los embriones de las flores, que posteriormente darán lugar a los granos de las uvas que formarán los racimos.

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Uno de los maridajes más exitosos es el de un buen vino blanco con pescado. Nosotros hoy vamos a disfrutar de nuestra nueva añada de #barbazul Blanco, 100% de Chardonnay, acompañado de un sushi variado. Perfecta unión de un plato ligero con un vino intenso y aromático

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Enjoy a guided tour of our winery and all its facilities: from our vineyards, fermentation rooms and wine cellar all the way to the bottling room. You’ll see every step of our winemaking process and also be able to taste three of our wines: Barbazul White, Barbazul Red and Taberner Red.

To book your tour, send us the date and time you wish to visit and the number of people in your group to

Length of tour: between one and a half and two hours

Winter schedule: Mon.-Fri. from 9am – 2pm and from 4pm – 6pm; Saturdays from 10am – 2pm

Summer schedule (July and August): Mon.-Fri. from 9am – 3pm