Taberner nº1 Syrah 2009 – Bottle 75 cl

Taberner nº1 Syrah 2009 – Bottle 75 cl


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D.O.: Tierra de Cádiz

Variety: Shyrah

Cask ageing: 24 months

Alcohol by volume: 15º

A chilly Spring season fostered the perfect conditions for vine development and no relevant cases of pests or plant disease appeared. During the véraison period, easterly winds predominated, which led to the Syrah grape’s deepening of colour and prolonged ripening stage. The harvest, which took place in mid-September, was one of exceptional quality.

Tasting notes

Garnet red
Fruit compote and plum aromas, along with high-roast, balsamic and spicy notes and noble aldehydes.
Meaty, well-rounded, noble and mature tannins, with a solid backbone leading to a balanced freshness and acidity. A creamy, lactic mouthfeel.
Hearty dishes, red meat, roast of lamb, game.