Barbazul Chadornnay 2021 – Bottle 75 cl

Barbazul Chadornnay 2021 – Bottle 75 cl


6 bottles per box. Bottle price: € 10,99

D.O.: Tierra de Cádiz

Variety: 100% Chardonnay

Alcohol by volume: 13°

An easy, yet elegant and refreshing wine. Dry and aromatic, with plenty of floral and fruity notes

Tasting notes

Pale straw yellow, with some greenish hues.
Aromas of white flowers, citrus blossoms and fruits, peaches, fresh herbs.
Tasty, sparkling and lively with fruity notes, intense and enveloping.
7°C – 9°C
Smoked fish or meat, fish/seafood rice, roast suckling pig, oriental cuisine, complex salads, foie gras, grilled seafood, pasta with fish/seafood sauce, grilled or baked white fish, blue cheese, sushi, vegetables.