Barbazul Rosé Syrah 2021 – Bottle 75 cl

Barbazul Rosé Syrah 2021 – Bottle 75 cl


6 bottles per box. Bottle price: € 10,99

D.O.: Tierra de Cádiz

Variety: Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon y Tintilla de Rota

Alcohol by volume: 12,5°

Young and lively, this little brother of Taberner is a wine so fresh and Atlantic that it is almost reminiscent of the sea and the salt marshes. Fruity, tasty.

Tasting notes

Reddish, with shades of violet.
A vivid presence of floral notes, roses, tropical fruit, aromatic herbs.
Lively on the mouth, full, fresh and fruity. Intense and enveloping.
6°C – 8°C
Smoked meat or fish, appetizers, codfish, white meat with sauce, roast red meat, complex salads, grilled vegetables, pasta with meat or fish sauce, oily fish, risotto, mushrooms.