Huerta de Albalá Rosé 2017 – Bottle 75 cl

Huerta de Albalá Rosé 2017 – Bottle 75 cl


Price per bottle.

D.O.:  “Tierra de Cádiz” wine region.

Variety: 100% Pinot Noir

Alcohol by volume: 14,5°

Pinot Noir, the noble grape of Burgundy, has found a new soul mate in our terroir, adapting itself to our climate while conveying elegance and complexity to this unique wine. Exhibiting formidable character, it has an initial freshness that gives way to this grape’s characteristic smooth persistency.

Tasting notes

Translucent, bright, salmon pink colour with nuanced shades of onionskin.
Outstanding aromas of fresh red fruit with a certain hint of white flowers and elegant nuances.
Balanced, with a very fresh initial palate leading to a very enveloping mouthfeel. Nicely balanced acidity/alcohol ratio in the aftertaste, leaving us with a long, pleasant finish.
10º - 12º
Pairs well with tuna or fish in general, rice, pasta, poultry and artisan-style charcuterie.