Taberner Magnum Nº1 2008

Taberner Magnum Nº1 2008


Price per bottle: € 140.00

D.O.: Tierra de Cádiz

Variety: Shyrah

Cask ageing: 24 months in Allier French oak.

Alcohol by volume: 14,5º

Exquisitely complex, with subtlety and finesse. Both bunches and grapes are carefully selected at the winery. Fermentation takes place in wooden barrels and no pumps are used for aeration. Rather, to extract colour, punching down occurs every two hours for a fortnight. This wine has not been subject to any filtering method, producing a meaty wine, clearly influenced by the spicy notes so characteristic of the Syrah variety.

Tasting notes

Dark cherry red.
Complex on the nose, exhibiting ripe fruit and dairy aromas, plums and figs, balsamic notes, fresh herbs, orange peel and noble aldehydes.
Very tasty, aromatic and fruity, with a lively acidity and fine, mature tannins. A wine with good texture and a smooth, long-lasting finish.
Hearty dishes, red meat, roast of lamb, game.