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Huerta de Albalá.
One family, three values and one wine.

To successfully implement our lifetime projects and dreams, our family has always relied on at least three essential values: ambition, determination and perseverance.

Back then, our ambition was to produce great red wines in Andalusia; we had the determination to set in motion a project to demonstrate that this was possible; and we had the perseverance to make it come true. These three values are responsible for the fact that Huerta de Albalá wines exist today; that their ultimate exponent, Taberner Nº 1, represents them with such dignity; and that each of their bottles contains a little part of the sentiments, the dreams and soul of all the people who made this possible.

We live and work to produce one of the finest red wines in Spain; a wine with the character, goodness and strength of the pilgrim who devotes each day to preparing his spirit for its culminating moment, because uncorking a great wine is like reaching Plaza del Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela for the pilgrim. So before sipping those last drops, you cast your mind back and realise that the best thing was not getting there but the whole journey: every day, every supplication, every friend made along the way, every bottle of wine. This is the essence of our wines, and it is to this end that we continue working steadfastly on each and every vintage, with the same ambition, determination and perseverance as at the beginning; not to conquer the world, but simply not to lose the soul that one day we poured into a dream called Huerta de Albalá.

Welcome to Huerta de Albalá, welcome to the heart and soul of Cadiz!

Vicente Taberner Carsi
Founder and president of Huerta de Albalá.

Crta. CA 6105, Km 4 | Apdo. de correos 320 | 11630 Arcos de la Frontera | Cádiz- Spain
TEL. 00 34 956 101 300 - 00 34 647 746 048 | FAX: 00 34 856 023 053 | E-mail: -